Building fantastic ultra low-energy homes
Building fantastic ultra low-energy homes

About us

naked house Ltd is a company with extensive experience in pre-fabricated offsite construction and Passivhaus technology. This combination enables us to offer a comprehensive Passivhaus solution which we believe is unbeatable in terms of overall value and performance.

"A pre-fabricated, timber framed, functioning Passivhaus."

The overriding objective behind naked house is to enable all builders, developers and construction professionals, whether or not they have any previous experience of Passivhaus or low energy construction, to deliver a fully functioning Passivhaus construction for realistic costs.


With many years of experience in Passivhaus building projects, our team has earned an enviable reputation for innovation, constantly striving to deliver better, more efficient systems. The naked house system is designed to eliminate mistakes and drive down the costs of Passivhaus construction, by delivering all of the building fabric, technical design, heating/HW and ventilation systems within one package.

naked house team

Ben Nickell


Ben is managing director of GreenSteps Ltd, a company he founded in 2006, carving out a niche as a specialist supplier of triple glazed timber framed windows and doors and timber frame buildings. Ben is an expert in managing the network of suppliers for naked house. Ben has spent many years building relationships with reliable producers.


With the naked house concept being so reliant on pre-fabricated elements, the selection of the correct suppliers through Ben's expertise and network of connections is critical.

Thomas Denhof


Thomas is a Passivhaus designer and architect, working with naked house Ltd on technical design and project management. Thomas brings a comprehensive set of skills to the team, particularly in detail design and bespoke solutions.


A firm believer in the Passivhaus concept, Thomas takes each client's own architectural design and ensures that it is delivered precisely on site.


For reliably low energy consumption through simplicity of design

Timber frame

For accuracy of production and flexibility of design


For speed on site and to eliminate mistakes

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