Building fantastic ultra low-energy homes
Building fantastic ultra low-energy homes

Residential: home sweet home

The naked house is the perfect way to realise your dreams of building your own ultra-low energy home.






Your naked house includes the following:

  • Passivhaus energy calculations and design support
  • A pre-fabricated woodfibre insulated timber frame panel construction
  • A guarantee of thermal performance to the designed standard
  • A guarantee of airtightness to Passivhaus standard
  • Triple glazed timber or timber/aluminium composite windows
  • An optimised MVHR, heating/HW system installed and commissioned
  • Pre-installed first fix plumbing and ducting for electrical circuits
  • Internal plasterboard finish ready for skim and decoration
  • External cladding, brick slips or woodfibre board ready to render

Sounds as though it should be expensive, but it's not! Our low-energy building experience combined with our unique supply chain and pre-fabrication system delivers excellent value.


The local builder will be required to provide foundations to a layout design provided by us, internal and external second fixes, fit out and decoration. The main building fabric is provided by us as a ‘naked house’, which is a fully functioning insulated, airtight and watertight Passivhaus. Due to the fact that the naked house is pre-fabricated in tightly controlled factory conditions, speed of construction on site is very fast and the opportunity for damage or errors on site is almost completely eliminated and costly on-site labour time is minimised.


You can view some of our residential projects on the projects page.


For reliably low energy consumption through simplicity of design

Timber frame

For accuracy of production and flexibility of design


For speed on site and to eliminate mistakes

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