Building fantastic ultra low-energy homes
Building fantastic ultra low-energy homes

Our school buildings are superb places to learn

We understand the unique issues facing school buildings. For this reason, we have developed a unique offering for the schools sector. Children need a healthy, peaceful environment conducive to learning. Our school building system uses Scandinavian thinking with natural materials and precision design to deliver exactly that.

Our school buildings offer the following:

  • Fast construction
  • Low construction costs
  • Very low ongoing operational costs
  • Exceptional quality of learning environment
  • Stable temperature
  • Outstanding acoustic insulation
  • Automatic ventilation with heat recovery
  • Automatic control of internal CO2 levels to prevent lapse of concentration
  • Extremely high quality construction
  • Integrated services design
  • Natural materials and finishes
    • No VOCs
    • No internal pollutants
    • No solvents

To find out more about how we could help with your school project, contact us via the contact page


For reliably low energy consumption through simplicity of design

Timber frame

For accuracy of production and flexibility of design


For speed on site and to eliminate mistakes

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