the easiest way to construct a Passivhaus building
the easiest way to construct a Passivhaus building

naked house - modular low energy buildings

Thinkers think about the future....... naked house is building it

A naked house is a pre-fabricated timber frame, fully functioning Passivhaus building. The system can accomodate almost any design of house and is constructed in a modular fashion. The naked house offering enables all builders to deliver a successful Passivhaus construction for outstanding value.
Combining the expertise of the teams at Princedale Ecohaus and GreenSteps, naked house Ltd was formed in 2015 to deliver a simple Passivhaus construction package. It consists of a pre-fabricated timber frame system, including all the technical design work, heating, hot water and ventilation systems to deliver the building as fully operational. Electrical ducting, plumbing systems and ventilation pipe runs are pre-installed into the wall panels to reduce site time and improve quality.


The naked house team uses the PHPP package as well as our own energy modelling techniques to optimise and simplify the design of the building to avoid unnecessary costs and technology. We work across London and the South and East of England, generally within 3 to 4 hours of London.
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naked house Ltd is a member of the Passivhaus Trust

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